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Serving Lander County residents and visitors, Battle Mountain General Hospital is a community-oriented health care facility dedicated to patient safety and quality care. Aware of our responsibility as a public entity, we strive to utilize our resources efficiently in order to provide high quality services intended to produce the most positive outcomes possible for those we serve. Battle Mountain General Hospital is a valuable resource and an integral component of Lander County prosperity.

Battle Mountain General Hospital values integrity and expresses that value through responsible business practices, quality care, patient safety and ethical treatment of people.

Battle Mountain General Hospital values its communities and expresses that value through attention to the health of its communities by providing services related to wellness and prevention, as well as diagnosis and treatment. The hospital values its integral position within the county’s infrastructure by managing its resources efficiently.

Battle Mountain General Hospital values development and integration of county health services and expresses those values through its leadership role in providing quality services directly and working with others to ensure that its communities have access to a wide range of services.

Battle Mountain General Hospital encourages energy, enthusiasm and compassion, values it strives to express to patients and visitors.

Battle Mountain General Hospital values focus and a proactive approach. It demonstrates those values through fiscal responsibility and strategically planned growth to meet current and future needs.

Battle Mountain General Hospital values quality, expressed through continuous efforts to develop and maintain staff competence, and through an active quality improvements program.


Battle Mountain General Hospital
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